Crowd Out Singer Section

This is for our LA Phil collaboration in June. All performers have to be at ALL REHEARSALS. The piece is rather simple and powerful. It is also modern as it involves speaking in canon in a large group and following along with the crowd. This should be a very cool experience for all involved.

Westminster Chorale ONLY Rehearsal

MONDAY, May 6th 8pm-9pm at Westminster Senior Center

MONDAY, May 13th 8pm-9pm at Westminster Senior Center


MONDAY, May 20, 7PM-10PM: Full Rehearsal at Walt Disney Concert Hall

WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 7PM-10PM: Full Rehearsal at Walt Disney Concert Hall

SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 10AM: Dress Rehearsal

SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 12PM: Performance

About Crowd Out

Experimentation is around every bend and corner of Walt Disney Concert Hall at their daylong festival. Come experience a performance of David Lang’s piece “Crowd Out”.

Pulitzer Prize winner David Lang had the inspiration for crowd out during a soccer match in London, where he heard the thousands of untrained voices swell, crest, and recede – at times in unison, and at times in total contrast with one another. He composed this major vocal work for one thousand voices as a way of framing how we understand the excitement, fear, and loneliness we feel in crowds; the text itself was crowdsourced with the help of various Internet search engines.

Choreographer Dimitri Chamblas will direct and Lesley Leighton will conduct a performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall, as part of Noon to Midnight, where performers will intermingle with the audience, slowly transforming the swirling babble and chatter into a stunningly orchestrated whirlwind of voices.

Tickets for this performance can be obtained by purchasing tickets for the daylong festival, Noon to Midnight. There are 2 options to attend. See details.

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