OVERVIEW: Never before has the world been so divided and impending calamity looms. Never before has it been so important to stand up for freedom. The Liberty Music Project seeks to compile songs with freedom-loving themes: liberty, free will, free enterprise, pro-reason, pro-logic, pro-American, anti-war, anti-Fed, anti-crime, and anti-propaganda. The songs in this project will be performed live by singers and musicians in mostly Southern California venues. Original songs and arrangements will be recorded and distributed with like-minded organizations.

The songs in the Liberty Music Project come in three categories:

  1. PREVIOUSLY RECORDED SONGS. Many songs dealing with libertarian themes have already been recorded: “Philadelphia Freedom” (Elton John), “Owner of a Lonely Heart” (Yes), “The Sheriff” (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), “Sledgehammer” (Star Trek Beyond), “Run Freedom Run” (Urinetown), “Won’t get fooled again”  (The Who), “Skyline Pigeon” (Elton John). Perhaps musicians joining our band have their own favorites.
  2. POPULAR SONGS WITH ALTERED LYRICS. “Liberty” (sung to the music of “Heart and Soul”), “Silver and Gold” (a libertarian money song), “Imagine” (with pro-freedom rather than pro-socialist lyrics), “Bring down the Bankster” (with anti-Fed lyrics). Perhaps musicians joining our band have their own ideas about altering other songs for amusement.
  3. ORIGINAL SONGS: “The Westerner” (based upon a poem by Charles Badger Clark), “The Free Course” (based upon a poem by Berton Braley) and others. Perhaps musicians joining our band have their own original songs dealing with libertarian themes.

We are seeking musicians with the following attributes:

  1. Professional musicians who are highly skilled, reliable and dedicated.
  2. Musicians that are able to sing lead and harmony a definite plus.
  3. Musicians that are able to play other instruments well a definite plus.
  4. Since we will collectively choose the best organizations for collaboration and the best venues for performance, knowledge of people connected with these organizations and venues is a definite plus. Mark Peterson will pay all up front costs.
  5. Knowledge of recording and podcasting and definite plus as well as connections to people who record and podcast.
  6. Above all, an appreciation of liberty and all the values that entails. Great art flows from deeply rooted values, and crap results when musicians do something they don’t really believe in.

Please contact Mark Peterson for more information, a phone interview, or an audition: Final decisions expected by the end of September, 2019.