The LOVE SONGS & VALENTINES CONCERT concert takes place on Sunday, February 16th, 2019 at 5:00pm.  To prepare for this concert, singers are encouraged to listen to their parts on the following mp3 recordings.

Music scores are available on the SINGER PAGE.

MP3 Audio Clips

Beauty Medley – Soprano
Beauty Medley – Mezzo
Beauty Medley – Alto
Beauty Medley – Baritone

God Only Knows – Soprano
God Only Knows – Alto
God Only Knows – Baritone

Grand Night – Soprano
Grand Night – Mezzo
Grand Night – Alto
Grand Night – Baritone

Pleasant Groves – Soprano
Pleasant Groves – Alto
Pleasant Groves – Tenor
Pleasant Groves – Bass

Summer’s Day – Soprano
Summer’s Day – Alto
Summer’s Day – Tenor
Summer’s Day – Bass